Our Services

ATH® Network offers the following products and services:
ATM Management
We have the capability to manage Diebold and NCR tellers. Other models can be connected as long as they are able to emulate one of these and use TCP/IP as its communication protocol.

Teller transactions:
We support the following transactions and services:

  • Withdrawals (cash advance)
  • Balance request
  • Deposit*
  • Payment*
  • Transfers (checks/savings)
  • Reverse
  • Partial Reverse
  • Pre-paid minutes sale
  • Postal stamps sale
  • Change of Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Graphic Screens
  • Mini balance statement

* Only available at ATM’s from the Participating Financial Institution where you hold your check or savings account.

ATH® Network  offers gateway services which facilitate access to national and international networks such as:

  • Visa®/Plus®
  • MasterCard®/Cirrus®
  • American Express®
  • Discover®
  • NYCE®
POS Management
Electronic payment at the POS offers a secure and efficient way to process payments with:
  • ATH® Network debit cards
  • International credit cards
  • Pre-paid and gift cards
  • Fleet programs
  • E-checks

It also has the ability to respond and store away transactions at the POS and manage the Affiliated Retailer’s settlement with their Participating Sponsor.

Electronic transactions provide benefits for cardholders, merchants and Financial Institutions.

Benefits for the Cardholder
  • Less need to use cash to pay for purchases
  • Avoids the inconvenience of paying with checks
  • Receives a report, on their monthly statement, of when and where the purchase was made
Benefits to the Affiliated Retailer
  • Speeds up the process at the cash register
  • Reduces chances of fraud since it requires a PIN
  • Quicker availability of funds since payments are electronically credited to your bank account, on the same business day. Subject to the time the deposit is made.
  • Provides a printed summary of all transactions, with useful information
  • Reduces the amount of cash at the cash registers, and thus, the risk of loss by robbery.
  • Reduces the cost involved with managing checks:
    • Approval
    • Deposit
    • Bounced Checks
  • Offers more payment options to your clients
  • Increases sales
  • Receive an approval instantly
Benefits to the Participating Financial Institution
As the one issuing the ATH® debit card:
  • More debit card value
  • Compensation for each banking exchange transaction
  • Reduce checks transactions
  • Reduced operational costs
As the one acquiring the transaction:
  • Affiliate Retailers to accept purchases through a POS
  • Maintain business relationship with the retailer and service provider
Certified model
We have the capability to manage Hypercom y VeriFone POS terminals.
POS transactions
We process transactions for Government (Electronic Benefits Transfer) and ATH® debit cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and electronic checks conversion. Also available, gift card programs and fleet management. The type of transaction varies per product. Among the transactions offered:
  • Sales
  • Returns
  • Cancellations
  • Reverse
  • Gratuity
  • Daily Deposits
  • Balance statement (only for EBT cards)
  • Purchase plus Cash back
  • Cash Only

Electronic Cash Registers management
through an integrated POS

There are Electronic Cash Registers with the capability of processing cards and converting checks electronically.

ATH® Network has the capability to process transactions from these systems. A certification with the network is required to guarantee to all parties that the process complies with all established security regulations and requirements. Through the ATH® Connection application, ATH® Network provides the programming necessary to process transactions. It is the Affiliated Retailer’s responsibility to integrate the application with the front end on his/her cash register.

Benefits to the Affiliated Retailer
  • Faster payment process at the cash register
  • Less possibilities of human error
  • Single payment receipt for the client
  • Eliminates closing batch processes (automatic deposit)
  • More space around the payment area
  • Savings on phone lines and/or unnecessary wires
  • Supports dedicated communication connections
  • One single services point of contact for the retailer

To learn if your cash register provider is certified with ATH® Network contact us.

Extended services for POS terminals
Participating Financial Institutions interested in offering POS services to their Retailers may do this without having to create an installation service and maintenance infrastructure. ATH® Network offers complete integrated and functional services that include:
  • Optional evaluation of the location
  • Coordination of special installations
  • Installation of POS system compatible with ATH® Network system
  • Installation and maintenance of the terminal’s programming
  • Quality and certification tests
  • Supply and replenishment of materials
  • Training
  • Help Desk
  • Maintenance and repair visits
  • Retailer manuals and documentation
Authorization Services
Our authorization and data base management system serves as a link between multiple servers and the management and registration of transactions. Support is offered for the following methods of interaction:
  • Computer authorization - All transactions are performed by the computer. If the computer’s system is not available all transactions will be rejected.
  • Stand-in - If the computer’s system is not available, ATH® Network  will respond based on pre-established parameters.
  • Stand-alone - processing system provides all authorizations. Transactions and authorization archives are transmitted via data transfer.
At present, ATH® Network has:
Puerto Rico 1,500 50,000
Dominican Republic 1,733 31,772
Costa Rica 1,400 10,400
United States 172 1,300,000 through NYCE terminals network